Hair Cut

Putting the customer first means finding just the right haircut for each individual. Our experienced stylists can show you the latest fashions, and work with you to discover what’s right for you. We want the style that compliments the shape of your face, and suits just who you are. Years of experience have shown us the best way to bring that about. Techniques in colour, cut and chemical shaping might all be part of the process, but the end result is always the style for you.


Colouring is quite the art, and extends back for centuries. With our expertise just about anything is now possible with hair colour, though almost everybody want something that looks natural. Whether it is a few highlights to make a certain style look right, or a complete change of colour for a total hair transformation, we are renowned for our expertise in the field. Balayage, Ombre, removing grey, touching up roots, total colour changes and foil highlights are just some of our regular colouring services.


Straightening is both a stylistic preference and a health way to look after your hair. Keratin treatments remove all the frizzy, curly aspects of hair while providing nourishment. This is excellent for hair previously subjected to harsh conditions or styling. The resulting hairstyle is smooth and slick, giving the individual a very professional appearance.


Chemical perms reshape you hair. Processes for reshaping hair have been around for generations, but the techniques have improved over time. Cold perms and digital perms are now the most common procedures, using fewer, less harsh chemicals that earlier methods, and temperature controlled formes that are predictable and stable, the results from perms are more effective than ever.

Mixing a chemical colouring with a chemical perm was once ill advised, for fear the products would interact. More modern approaches have eliminated this issue, and the best combination of perm and colour change can be predictably planned in advance.